I am forever grateful to Ms. Chrissy Boyles

Wow ! First of all let me say that I’m honored that Ms. Chrissy Boyles thought of me enough to ask me to share my experience with her law firm on her website page. A few years ago when the Social Security Office was trying to stop my 5 year old daughter, Jamila’s disability check because they thought that her health had improved. I was shocked frustrated but more than anything I was angry. I knew I had to stay calm to think if I was going to help my daughter whom had medical issues and special needs. Jamila had to have open heart surgery at 3 days old, she still may or may not need another heart surgery in the future. Jamila had been missing more days out of school, she had more medical diagnoses, more doctors, more appointments and was taking more medications than she was after her first heart surgery. I did my research thoroughly when looking for an attorney to represent Jamila at her possible disability appeal hearing. I looked into law experience background, personal background, I had a list of questions concerning Jamila’s case and questions for the attorney. The local attorney that stood out most to me was Chrissy Boyles. I chose Ms. Boyles because she’s a mother, she knows what it’s like to have a special needs child, advocate for her child and to have her child pass away. The way my questions got answered, how passionate and fired up Ms. Boyles was when I brought my daughter, Jamila’s case before her for the initial interview with her. Ms. Boyles’s reaction was like how I felt, a momma pit bull protecting her puppy from harm when it hasn’t done anything wrong but someone is trying to hurt it. I definitely, picked the right attorney with Chrissy Boyles at Boyles Law Firm! The Social Security Office decided to continue Jamila’s SSI without us needing to go to a court hearing. My daughter’s case was won by Ms. Boyles and myself because she works with you as a team. I am forever grateful to Ms. Chrissy Boyles so much so my family has adopted her. Jamila is also aware of Ms. Chrissy because I told her about Ms. Chrissy and how she helped her. Every year I give her an updated picture of Jamila, cards and letters of appreciation.